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The bulldog breeds include a number of breeds, which owe their heritage to Bull and Mastiff type dogs of indefinite origin.
The modern bulldog breeds descended from these dogs and those re-created through breeding programs include: alapaha blue blood bulldog, american bulldog, aussie bulldog, banter bulldogge, buldogue campeiro, Ca de Bou, catahoula bulldog, Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldog, English Bulldog, French bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, Olde Boston Bulldogge, Victorian Bulldog, Valley Bulldog. All of these breeds have  kept close to the original type and traits of the ancient bulldogs, even when adapting to their local living conditions.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
American Bulldog
Aussie Bulldog
Banter Bulldogge
Buldogue Campeiro
Catahoula Bulldog
French Bulldog
Ca de Bou
Olde English Bulldogge
Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge
Victorian Bulldog
Valley Bulldog
Olde Boston Bulldogge
Historically the bulldog breeds originate from the fighting dog breeds and molossian dogs of Antiquity. Roman historians described the fierce Greek, Molossian dogs and the "pugnace britannicii" or fighting dogs of Britain used in battles. These British fighting dogs were of two types: the larger Mastiff type guard dogs and the smaller type used for herding and protecting livestock. At the time of the popular bull fights, the bulldog breed was selected for its particularity  to attack the nose of the bull and hang on without loosening its grip instead of using the slashing attack from the rear preferred by most dog breeds. Historical pictures proof that these dogs were of the mastiff type, but with their appearance varying.

The word bulldog appears for the first time in 1632 in a letter written from San Sebastian in Spain by Mr P. Eaton to Wellingham, then living in London, in which he asks to be sent " a good Mastire dog, a case of liquor and I beg you to get for me some good bulldoggs", in which, for the first time, the Bulldog is clearly distinguished from the Mastiff.  See also: bulldog history.

The original bulldog followed the immigrants and travellers around the world, were they adapted to the local working and living conditions (American Bulldog, Bulldog Campeiro), sometimes being bred down (like the French bulldog, Old Boston Bulldog) to adapt to the cramped living conditions of the working class immigrants, or crossed with local breeds to reinforce specific skills (Catahoula Bulldog).
Crib & Rose
Source: Dog Painting
The genepool of the Bulldog has been modified through the years by selective breeding and judicious outcrosses creating new breeds which through their common background and unique characteristics may be considered as belonging to one and the same group. 
The Story of the Real Bulldog
They  are characterized by a large head, strong, square build, shortened muzzle, strong and undershot jaws, which ensures a strong and efficient bite. Their character is often dominant and tenacious. Their hard and ferocious expression, which makes them disuasive guard dogs, is completely oppositie to their docility and sweet-hearted temperament. Their high tolerance to pain and courageous temper make them patiently tolerant with children, but also has the drawback of making them unsuitable for unexperienced or absent-minded dog owners, as they will often not complain if they are injured, ill or suffering from thirst, hunger or cold. Although they are good guard dogs, they do usually not excell as watch or "alarm" dogs, as they may "ommit" to bark and warn before attacking an intruder.

For the difference between bulldogs breeds and bully breeds, see: bulldogbreeds.bulldoginformation.com.

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See also: bull and terrier breeds,
Origin of the Mastiffs, Evolution of the bulldog, Bull Baiting

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by Catherine Marien-de Luca © The Bulldog Information Library

See also: bulldog breeds, bull and terrier breeds,
Origin of the Mastiffs, Evolution of the bulldog, Bull Baiting

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